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quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2016

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Well if you're gonna put yourself out there Naked. You know they're eventually comin for ya. Ok. I promise this is my last post about this. But I love you enough to have to split it into 2 parts. Yes I can talk. And I must be completely honest. As always. PART 1 I have had the pleasure of being around Some of most beautiful and sweetest Rihanna fans. From LA to Israel. 5 world tours. 7 years with the girl. Do you know why. Cause Ri and I have an amazing relationship. A friendship full of admiration and respect for each other. So when I've read some of the other, less lovlier, comments from so called Rihanna fans. You guys made me cry-laughing that is. Seriously. So funny. I mean, I appreciate the entertainment, and yes I do willingly open myself up to your opinions by sharing my inner feelings. But reading mean words towards me have Never bothered me one bit. Ugly words, means Ugly people. But I will say that there is nothing more pathetic and sad, than hearing opinions from her "fans" who are actually delusional enough to talk about Ri as if they actually know her personally. That's what is absurd to me. Because you follow her on social media and listen to her music, you truly believe that you know who she truly is deep down. As if you know what conversations she's had in private with her family and friends or with me over the last 7 years. Or what we spoke about at the Grammys that night. The fact that you think you actually know why she cancelled. You will never know. Why. Because it's her business. And I would never state why she cancelled because it's not my place as her friend or partner in her career to talk about her struggles. That's all up to Ri. And if Ri and only Ri tells you she's sick. Then believe it. Don't be naive. Don't believe everything you read. Just Love her music like i do. Support it. Celebrate it. Like most of you do. You wanna attack me, cool, but please stop attacking each other. Seeing Ri fans attacking each other thinking you're protecting her. Her friends and family got her back. She needs you guys for love and support of her career. Not to go around Policing with Fan Brutality. Trust, she's not into that shit. TBC..
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